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Reclaim Your Time...Decluttering Tips

Americans spend 9.1 years of their lives watching TV, 1.1 years cleaning and 11 hours a day in front of digital media. In particular, women spend 8 years of their lives shopping, 1.5 years doing their hair and nearly 1 year deciding what to wear!

Living a more minimalist lifestyle means we can reclaim some of this wasted time and spend it doing something we love – rather than standing in front of a jam-packed wardrobe despairing over which shoes work with which skirt!

Decide what you love doing and aim to spend your time doing it over these other pointless tasks!

If you can’t eliminate, reduce.

Do you really need ten sets of bedlinen for your two-bedroom apartment? Or twenty bath towels for a family of four? Chances are, you don’t. Donate, dump or repurpose these excess items and free up space.

Forget about perfection.

Perfectionism is futile and unattainable. It’s also a hindrance in your bid to de-clutter your life – think of how many times your need to be perfect has led you to buy something, or take on something extra. Let go of the need to be perfect – even to be the ‘perfect’ minimalist – and just strive to learn and grow.

Accept that minimalism is a journey.

Minimalism is about achieving a more meaningful life which requires periodic reassessment – of possessions, pastimes, jobs and relationships. Its premise is simple – the more you let go, the more you gain. Keep letting go and see where it takes you!

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