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Why Use A Cleaning Business!

Studies indicate that consumers are becoming more and more likely to use professional cleaning services because they want to increase the "quality" of their lives. When it comes to the cleaning industry, one thing is clear heading into 2018: cleaning is no longer an out-of-reach service for many homeowners. It’s now a need, more often than it’s a want.

A panel of business owners and industry experts share their thoughts on what it will take to compete in 2018. Here’s are their primary thoughts:

1. You are now selling a necessity, not a luxury

“With millennials now, this isn’t 20 years ago where there were stay at home moms. Today’s 30-year-old is going to run their house like a business. They’re not spending their weekends cleaning. They’re booking snow removal, they’re outsourcing their laundry. Their thinking is: My time is better spent elsewhere. There are dual incomes, so it’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Almost everyone I talk to has a cleaner.

You are no longer selling a luxury to people. People already want a cleaner, they’re already sold, so why should they pick you?”

– Katie Pearse, President, The Maid Mentor

“For the longest time, paying for services was something that many people thought was only for wealthy (especially cleaning), but it seems this belief is quickly vanishing. In these busy times, people value the time they can spend with friends and family. When you hire a service professional what you are really buying is more time.” – Dave Ferris, Product Manager, Jobber

2. Make things easier for your clients or your competition will

“We have found that especially in the last year, most people want to pay via credit card or e-transfer. So having those options readily available is definitely an asset. Cash payment is about 1% of total monthly transactions.

“Getting pre-authorized payment methods on file is a great way to speed up your accounts receivable collections in 2018.” – Julie Babcock-Hyde, President, Spark Accounting Solutions

“I’ve noticed that businesses are using technology in innovative ways; finding ways to use something that wasn’t built specifically for their industry or for the way in which they are using it. This is the type of business that will get people talking. The ones that say, “There has to be a better way”, and then find it. We don’t have to keep doing things the way they’ve always been done. Especially in industries that have been virtually unchanged for decades. This is where the change will be noticed the most if we can find ways to be more efficient and give the client a better experience.” – Dawne Leaney Davidson, Owner, Freelife Accounting and Bookkeeping

3. Social media is a must-have, not a nice-to-have, in order to compete

“53% of people are more likely to shop with a business they can message directly. What do we do? Let everyone know that we are available and active on messenger! If you have a Facebook page your business is already on messenger! When you’re ready to start receiving and responding to messages, enable messaging on your Page so customers can start .;conversations with you.

The real winners in 2018 are going to be those who learn how to use Instagram—how to edit, post professional photos. It’s amazing the amount of marketing you can do within your city through Instagram using hashtags, stories, and location tags.” – Katie Pearse, President, The Maid Mentor

4. More clients want to type, not talk

“When I started my company in 2008, there were lots of phone calls and in-house estimates. Now clients expect online estimates, and texting. Any business that really wants to succeed in 2018 will have that available.” – Katie Pearse, President, The Maid Mentor

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