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Marie's Touch has brought a new dimension to our home of creating a fresh, warm and clean living space.  We greatly appreciate Marie's Touch value, promotion and the use of natural non-toxic cleaning agents.  Thank you... Marie's Touch for your "touch of caring and grace."

The Franklin Family

St. Louis, MO

"I have employed cleaning services before, however they were not even close to the level of detail and thoroughness of Marie's Touch.  With other services, I felt that I could do what they did myself but given how well Marie's Touch cleaned my residence, I am clear that I don't have the time or expertise to do what they completed. Wow!"

Ni-Amun Onyemachi

St. Louis, MO

"…. I am so glad that ClauDean referred me to this wonderful company. Thank you for providing exceptionally high quality service and really helping to relieve a lot of the stress of my move in day. I am so grateful!"

Rebecca Craig

St. Louis, MO

"Marie's Touch provides outstanding  professional, long term quality service, She comes highly recommended.  I would recommend her services!"

Mildred Jamison

St. Louis, MO

"The services of Marie's Touch are awesome! She is meticulous, pleasant and understands her customer's needs. Her goal is to leave your home immaculate!"

Rosalind Watts

St. Louis, Missouri

“My schedule as a full time student and a manager at a Seniors Leasing Agency left me feeling bewildered about how to find time to clean before I moved in to my new home. I was thrilled when my 'bonus mama' gifted me with the services of Marie's Touch. She cleaned everything from top to walls, cabinets, floor, floor boards, countertops... Every thing was cleaned to the highest quality level of professionalism. Everything smelled and felt so clean!  I would highly recommend Marie's Touch to anyone who lives in this fast paced world with very little time to clean."   

Erica Strong

St. Louis, Missouri

"Even the mail man notices the difference with my business, after Marie's Touch has cleaned my business.  He complimented me on the minty fresh smell that was left behind after the cleaning, He said it smelled so good that the scent stayed with him even after he left."   Dana Kelly Franks, Allstate Insurance Company


"The impact that Marie's Touch has  had on my home is amazing! I'm so happy to come home to the feeling and smell of cleanliness. It feels like a present  every day!"    Dana Kelly Franks, personal home

Dana Kelly-Franks

St. Louis, MO

"Good Energy!  Clean!  Pristine!  Marie's Touch provides regular cleanings for us at Progressive Emporium to maintain the ambience of a healthy, warm, pristine environment."  Johnson Lancaster. 

Progressive Emporium & Education Center

St. Louis, MO

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